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International Education Fair 2011 in Georgia

UK Bridge is privileged to host an International Education Fair 2011 in Georgia. The main aim of the fair is to provide an opportunity for international educational institutions to present and promote their programmes to potential students. In recent years, the demand among young Georgians for studies abroad has increased significantly and we feel that such a fair will be an important opportunity for both international institutions and local students.

The UK Bridge education agency was established in April 2008 and in this short time has already organized placements for over 500 students in more than 100 educational institutions in the UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Malta, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

We expect to welcome participants from UK & Switzerland and to provide for all participants an individual space to promote their school, college or institution.

We also expect to attract large numbers of visitors to the International Education Fair and this will be ensured through intensive pre-event promotion via TV, radio, and advertisements.
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