August 1st, 2010


preparation of Russian-Georgian war 30-07-08

год назад я начал публиковать хронику подготовки России к августовской агрессии. Та хроника, как я думаю привела к массированной DDoS атаке на мои блоги. Теперь же буду публиковать перевод этой хроники на английский. внизу есть линк на на оригинальный пост на русском

The August is approaching, notably the anniversary of the horrible events of the hot August 2008 is near, when a war between two orthodox people, between Russia and Georgia, created a line of fracture, which we are not able to surmount yet.

If you have noticed, I have not commented on the visit of Biden, neither on the violent reaction of the politicians of the Northern neighbor on his statements of supporting Georgia and its territorial integrity, or the statements of Medvedev, that relationship between Russia and Georgia would improve after resigning of Saakashvili, although with a glance of the fact, that Russia has annexed two Georgian regions. I wanted to write “In about five years, dear, I’ll help you!” (Citation from a 1977 comedy film Mimino, filmed by Georgian director Giorgi Daneliya). Nevertheless, no, I do not want to write about politics.

But I cannot avoid writing about the anniversary of the Russian aggression against Georgia.

As the wounds have not healed yet, because fathers of children born this year, were killed by their brothers in faith. As thousands of refugees, live in several kilometers from their homes that were ruined by Russian citizens. As almost every week, someone from the territory occupied by Russia opens fire on Georgian police posts (even today village Zemo-Nikozi was attacked). Everyone will celebrate anniversary of beginning the warfare at his own discretion. Some, will conduct a memorial service for the people perished during the war, others –Rock-Concert-action, I in turn will publish the chronicles, how the aggression against Georgia was prepared, what provocations from the South-Ossetian side were used to achieve fomentation of a full-scale war.

So, first South-Ossetian forces opened fire on group of OSCE observers and mixed peacekeeping forces on 29th of July. The same day they open artillery fire on positions of Georgian peacekeepers on the height Sarabuk. For the first time starting from 2004 South-Ossetian side used artillery with the caliber higher than 100 mm, which were prohibited in conflict zone, and therefore the Commander of the mixed peacekeeping forces Marat Kulakhmetov was obliged to indicate in his report. On the following day, South-Ossetian forces opened artillery fire on mixed ethnic population villages, which were under control of Georgian Government.

Meanwhile in Abkhazia, on 30th of July, Russian military railwaymen accomplished refurbishment of the Sukhumi-Ochamchire railway 6 days earlier than the stipulated date. The preparation for the war was at the end. Everything was ready for starting the war.

The “Ogonyok” journal informed that 45 to 50 railway cars with tanks were transported to Gali region to the border between Abkhazia and Georgia; troop trains were moving day and night. An unnamed colonel of “peacekeeping forces” informed that number of weapons and ammunition brought to Abkhazia, “will be enough for several years of conflict”. “Something is going to happen, I feel, something is going to happen”, - he added.
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10 августа, после того как отступила грузинская армия из Цхинвали и близлежащих сел, граждане России осетинской национальности начали планомерно грабить, сжигать и уничтожать дома грузин в селах вокруг Цхинвали. представляю вашему вниманию статистику уничтоженных российскими гражданами домов…